If you have a photocamera and want to send us your image.

Please keep in mind a modern professional photocamera has a power to shoot at least 24 Mp image (24 megapixels). For poster 2'x3' we ask about 5 Mp photograph and for billboard it's 25-35 Mp or more.

Camera manufacturers are fond of advertising cameras by the number of megapixels they have. But what exactly is a megapixel and how does it affect photos?

A megapixel is 1 million pixels. Pixels are small squares that are put together like pieces of a puzzle or mosaic to create your photographs. The resolution of your image will be determined in large part by how many of these tiny squares are packed together in a small space. Usually we print a letter size image in resolution of 300 pix/inch.

An 18 megapixel camera (18MP) would have roughly eighteen million tiny squares of information per inch while an old camera phone at 1.5 megapixels (1.5MP) would only have one and a half millions squares of information in an inch.

In example above to find out a megapixels of your image just multiply 2400 by 2400. It's 5760000 or 5.76 Mp