Do I have to go to a graphic designer before you can make a sign for me?

No, we do offer a typographical design service, which includes font selection, colours, wording and layout. Sometimes this service is all that most people require. Also we do graphic design
in generic or in common concepts or very unic and original.

I already have my graphic design artwork completed; can you work with what I've got?

Yes, we often work with clients who have completed design work and all it needs is interpretation by proper sign designers to make it work. Very often we ask client to provide us an original artworks / files from their creator, not just screenshots or miniature for webpage usage.
Original artwork, i.e., has its native digital format:

.ai        from Adobe Illustrator
.psd     from Adobe Photoshop
.cdr      from CorelDraw
.dwg    from AutoCad etc.

Keep in mind we DON'T ASK you to transfer an original file to PDF-format. This process could be acceptable if it's done by professional and experienced designer who understand what he is doing with downsampling images, editing ability, fonts handling, scaling, layering, inserting vector and much more.
PDF format stays for "portable" and we glad to have that kind of file from you  in one and only condition: just print out it as it is without editing or any touchhing.

I already have my logo. How can I present it for you?

There are the same rules as described above, but we ask you to provide a vector (scalable) file we can use for large scale printing or in routing, engraving and other crafting processes. If you dont have a vector file, just a photograph of your logo, we can vectorize it for additional price ( $100 -:- 300 or other special price)

How do I know which one I have?

Here’s a handy guide to file extensions.*

.jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, .exif


.eps, .ai, .cdr

* Why are .eps, .ai and .cdr files only probably a vector? Well, 99% of the time a file saved as an eps or ai file is a vector. However, occasionally people will just paste a .jpg into Illustrator and save it as an eps or ai file. This helps no one. Most likely this was done by somebody who does not understand the difference between raster and vector images and was told their designer needed something that ended with one of those file extensions. Sending this type of file to your designer is a good way to make them write a politely worded email to you that disguises the fact they are tearing their hair out. Just kidding, we never tear our hair out over our clients.