I am a digital artist and my client wants a deal with your company.

Under US Copyright law, the designer automatically owns all rights.  If you are designer and you were  send us your native file we expect it's ready for sign production without our stakes, however we may discuss with you any aspects of paricipations if your artwork required a necessary modification or redesign and if you have asked us to do so.
We do not ask from you a source file -  just a print-ready artwork, it could be a raster flatten image with all of its parameters in a final condition or a flatten vector without transparency in a package, included linked images or with embedded images and used fonts attached or with outlined fonts in formats: psd, ai, pdf, ai, eps, tiff, png, jpg, bmp, psb, indd.

In case you send us a draft (blueprint) it should be in a manageable shape with a proper scale and in a native format -- dwg, ai, cdr.

Please do not transfer your dwg file into Acrobat-PDF.

Please do not mix different color profiles in one digital file, such as SMYK plus RGB or Pantone etc.
When you send as your work we expect that you use a lisensed fonts and lisenced images/photograps/clip-arts or any another kinds of permissions. We are not responsible for copyright Infringements by others.
I have a photoshop file (psd) but not sure if it's good enough...

You can read our FAQ further or ask us to revise your artwork. We are glad to help with a brief consultation.
If you not sure about a formal quality of your design just send us a whole package of your artwork and a PSD file should content all of its not welded layers and masks. If your file consists a placed smart objects and not rastered texts, please send us these objects and windows-fonts.

In case your file required a minor editing we can do it without problems or discuss a way to fix or re-design.
I have an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) but not sure if it's good enough...

We ask you a technically usable file. As mentioned above you have to send as a package (folder) with images and fonts. Please keep in mind we use Windows sotware.

If your file or design needs an editing or selection or other digital manipulation try to save all its layers, templates and variations with back-ups -- in one canvas. If yo have a multiple artboards file, please name each of them or leave a one main artboard when all of back-ups located aside.

Please expand all of objects in your file to which a third part plugins are applied, such us "Astute"  and so on.

Feel free to ask us by email or in other form.